Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok beauties. I'm sorry for being M.I.A....but here are a few things that have happened. Recently, I went to the Mac store in Harlem and tried out the studio tec foundation in NW 45. I thought it looked great in the store, so I got it along with the studio fix concealer in the pot in NW45. I also bought the Vibrant Grape eyeshadow and Mercenary nail polish from the Style Warrior collection, as well as fresh water eyeshadow. When I got home and looked at my face in the bathroom lights, my face had like a greyish undertone.Then I went to work and it also had a greyish undertone.(I liked the purple nail polish,but I can't wear "colored nails" to work) So after a few days, I went to the mac store in the city and the makeup artist was soo cool! He took out the time with me and we tried out different shades of studio tec and studio fix fluid. I ended up exchanging for studio fix fluid because I feel like it can be a little more versitle(wearing it both wet or dry for different effects). Also, when he put on a shade that he liked in the studio fix fluid(NW50), he put on NC 45 or 50 and then he gave me a hand mirror and we walked outside and saw it in the natural light. It was like night and day. My skin is inbetween shades. I could wear the NC but it makes my skin flat because I have BOTH red and yellow undertones. So the NW 50 not only warmed up my skin, but it also didn't make me look flat. Ok, so I just couldn't pass up getting an eyeshadow and the MUA suggested I start with satin toupe eyeshadow and I could always come back for bronze(that will be on my "to buy" list). Lastly, they still had some Hello Kitty stuff left, so I bought the purple lipglass with the blue flecks in it. It's really beautiful on the lips because its very sheer, almost clear, and as you turn, you see the blue shimmers.
When I got home, I decided to do inventory and what better way than to give away what I don't wear anymore to my little play sister.(She just graduated from high school...)
Things I don't have anymore:
1)My Loreal Hip duos: I'm gonna miss these, I only had a few, but since I have vibrant grape and am going to buy Goldmine next, it didn't make sense to have dupes.Also, Satin Toupe is going to be my "neutral eye" eyeshadow for work, so I don't need the other one with the green in it. However, I kept my duo in Brazen. That's a must have for all brown girls!!!
2)Coastal Scents 88 palettes, shimmer and satin:Ahh, I'm so over these palettes. It's nice to have a lot of colors to work with at your disposal. I guess I'd be more excited if I could come to work with colorful eyes, but seriously, I only pulled them out a couple of times within the past few months and can live without them. So my sis will have fun in college with those.
3)Coastal Scents Hot Pots: Ok, again, I'm so over these. I actually bought a 12 e/s palette with, I didn't get 12 hot pots, I believe I got like 5 or 6 and the other shadows were Mac pigment samples that I pressed. Again, didn't really pull these out since I bought them a few months ago. So yes, I can live without them too.
4)Some lipglosses I no longer wear and some cheap eye shadow brushes that my Mac replaced so she can start getting into makeup.
So there you have it beauties. I highly suggest that when you do a makeup haul to figure out what those items are replacing(if they are) and give away those unwanted items. Let's continue to make this a more beautiful world! :)
Until next time....

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