Thursday, June 25, 2009

6/25/09 Update!

Hello beauties. A lot has happened since my last post. When it comes to my skin, I have "acne prone" skin and currently have mild acne. I've been trying a few things and adding Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum(a sample from Sephora) to my skin care regimen and let me tell has really helped. Now, I started thinking ok, if something is all natural and improves my skin, why not get an all natural regimen? Well, honestly, I wasn't too enthusiastic about the juice beauty moisturizer and the face wash didn't seem to "do it" for me. So, I went to sephora with the mind set that I was going to buy RX for Brown Skin. I've used it before and it worked and thought, what the heck, let's do it again. The skin care specialist actually talked me into another product that's specifically for "blemish" skin. So it was an exfoliant and a moisturizer. After the 2nd day, I couldn't take the burning feeling anymore, so I took it back to sephora. I actually lost the receipt, so they only gave me store credit.(I will talk about what I got in a minute.)
I bought the Coal Face bar soap from Lush a few weeks ago and liked it, so I decided to give Lush another try. After all, it's also all natural and the products are more varied than Juice Beauty. So, I spent maybe 20-30 min with the worker going back and forth on products and samples until we came up with a regimen just for me.
Here it is:
1)Wash with Coal Face bar soap
2)Spray cotton ball with Tea Tree Water Toner and wipe face down.
3)Spray face with the toner so face is moist to "receive" the moisturizer.
4)Finish with the Vanishing Cream Moisturizer.
Same as above, but wash with Ocean Sea Salt instead of Coal Face.
2-3 times a week
1)lightly wash with coal face bar soap
2)put cupcake facial mask all over face and sit back for about 15 min for it to dry
3)wipe with warm water and put moisturizer on
Its only been a few days and my skin feels like buttah!!! Wow, after just the first day, my skin felt alive, smooth, calmed, etc...I really recommend checking Lush out and go when you really have time to talk with a worker and figure out what you are looking for.
Back to Sephora and what I got!!!
So, because of the store credit, I couldn't get my money back, so why not use this as an opportunity to get a few things that I wouldn't have otherwise? Ok, I got the Urban Decay 24/7 cream eyeliner pencil in zero(it's the blackest black),Bare Essentials Buxom lipgloss in Jessica, a sephora nail polish and MUFE Mat Velvet + in 80. I'm not sure I'll keep #80, when I put it on, it's great,but has a little "darker" tone to it. I'll have to play around with it again to see if I need #75.
MAC!!! Yall already know that I am slowly becoming an addict of MAC. I bought MAC studio fix in the cream to powder in NW45 a few weeks ago. After a couple of days, I realized it was making my skin look ashy. So, I exchanged it for Studio Fix Fluid in NW50. Yesturday, I went to the MAC store in Harlem and this girl color matched me to be NW47!!! I didn't know they had a color between 45 and 50!!! YAaay for mac! So I will be exchanging mine today!
Until next time....

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