Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Day, new finds

Hello beautties. Well, let me first say that I love SEPHORA!!! I love that store like a 5 year old loves the tri-level Toys R Us in Times Square. Ahh, the tons and tons of makeup....ok, with that said, I'd love to work in Sephora. Just being a cashier would be a dream to be able to "play" in makeup everyday! I am by no means a self proclaimed makeup artist, but I do like the challenge of finding new and interesting eye makeup looks that compliments darker skin tones. So, today(and for the past few weeks), I've been on a job hunt now that Sephora is hiring in NYC. Today was the day to hit up Times Square and upper west side. The one on the upper west side sounded most promising. The manager said that they're in the middle of interviews right now and I should get a call either tomorrow or next week. So please keep your fingers crossed for me beauties.
Ok, on to what I saw. So, there's this new line from Bare Essentials called Buxom. It's their lipgloss line. I purchased one a while back, maybe over the summer or fall, but their selection of colors was limited then. Now, they have expanded this line and there's a color that has caught my eye. It's called Jessica. When you look at it in the tube, it looks like a light beige,but when you turn it in the light, it has a pink irridesence to it. Of course your girl tried it on and it was gorgeous! It looked like a sheer pink gloss. So, you know your girl is making that purchase next week on payday.(It would be even better if I were hired to take advantage of the employee discount.) Also, the Sephora brand of lipglosses look interesting too. They've come out with a few new colors that I can't wait to try. There's like a sheer blue lipgloss and a green one that looks similar to Mac's green lipglass. Lastly, since I had to wait to speak with the manager at the upper west side store, I hung out at the Sephora nail color stand. So you know I had to try on some colors and I have to say that I was impressed with the selection this summer. I would love to buy at least one, but I can't wear "colored" nails at my current job. I'd have to wait until I get a job like Sephora so I can bust it out!
Well, that's it for now. Until next time...

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