Thursday, June 4, 2009

My favorite blushes

Scandalous beauty just did a youtube video on her favorite blushes. So I thought I'd share my favorite ones at the moment.

1)(cheap) NYC bronze mist duo. This is a duo blush/highlight in the same tin. I love this and it's also easy on the pockets. The darker color gives just a hint of color to warm up the face. It's beautiful, especially for darker skin tones. To spice up my look for a night out on the town, I'll add the highlight just on top of the cheek bone for a nice effect. Available at your local Walgreens, Duane Reade, Rite-Aid

2)(cheap) NYX eyeshadow in copper. I saw a blogger yesturday talking about using NYX eyeshadows as blushes and I thought I'd experiment with the ones that I have. The first one was the eyeshadow in Copper and I LOVE IT!!! This eyeshadow doesn't really deposit color, just adds a gorgeous glow to the cheeks. If you are my complexion, a little lighter, or a little darker, I recommend trying this eyeshadow. It was $3 at a local beauty supply store, but has a better selection. (That's why this is number 2; not as accessable as the NYC)

3)Mac Mineralized Skin finish blush in Peticoat. This is a go to blush for a night out on the town. This is more of a pinky bronze color and is also amazing when applied wet or onto wet skin. This is a little more expensive than the others mentioned, but it's at least worth the try at the Mac counter.
Take care everybody! Until next time....

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