Friday, July 3, 2009


Hello beauties. Ok, so I have an update. I have actually started wearing powder foundation to work and I really like it. When I want that "no makeup" makeup look, I'll just through on the powder foundation and powder and go. Today, I added a liquid liner to my lids and left. It's really cool because nobody can tell I have on bf didn't even know!!! Lol.

My skin is continuing to improve. I still have mild breakouts, but the regimen has helped calm everything down.This morning when I got off work, I realized my forehead and nose was oil slick!!! Yuck! So, this evening before heading off, I put on this "matt" serum from sephora(samples, of course) and I'm going to see if my skin is oily when I get off.

I was watching some youtube reviews on the sigma brushes and let me tell you that I've been eyeing them for the past couple of months. Last night, while at work, I was on the website( and I watched MakeupbyTiffanyD on the website talking about each brush and how they are meant to be used. I was like, dang, I NEED them brushes!!! I was itching for them...literally! Like a crack head is itchin for mo crack! lol So, today, I sat down with my current brush collection in my little cheap holder from Coastal Scents. I was like, ok, if I buy a whole set from sigma now, where are all these brushes going to go? So, when really thinking about it, I decided that the only brush that's an absolute must right now is the ss188. I only own this little cheap angled brush, essence of beauty I think, and desperately needs to be replaced. Also, it's a brush that isn't a part of the set just in case I decide to buy the whole set later. Lastly, I wanted to buy the whole set, but I already own the ss150 and don't use it often enough to have a second one. They said on their website that they don't exchange brushes in the set, so there you go. Now, if you saw my brush collection in my little holder from Coastal Scents, you'd laugh. I mean, the brushes get all crushed and there are multiple brushes in each whole. So I said, ok, the ss188 is $14, the bag is $20...I can do that! This way, I can safely put all of my brushes that I currently own into this bag and again, if I end up buying the whole set later, I can buy another bag then. Some of my brushes do need to be replaced, but I just didn't think it was necessary at the current moment to buy a whole set. Now, if I didn't have ANY professional brushes right now, then I'd be all over sigma. I currently own the Mac 109, Mac 239 and the Mac 217. The bag from sigma holds 12 brushes(there are 12 in the full set) and 3 extra holders on the side. I'm sorry, but if I got the whole set, I'm not parting with my Mac brushes. They cost to dang on much!!! Also, with the exception of the Mac 109 and Mac 239, the Mac 217 isn't a sigma dupe.(Also, the sigma 109 and 239 aren't direct dupes of mac either). So, I didn't feel it necessary. However, I'm uberly excited and anxiously awaiting their arrival at my front door....They were purchased on 7/3 and I will post when I receive a confirmation email that they are being sent. One last thing, I also purchased the ss224 brush. Funny thing is that my next mac brush purchase of the month was going to be the mac 224 and mac 219. Since the sigma 224 is much cheaper, I went ahead an bought that. I am hoping that sigma releases all of her brushes seperately soon, because I then could budget 1 brush per month. Or even 2!;)
My mac eyeshadows of the month are going to be:
Goldmine, cranberry and bronze
Hmm....can't wait!
Until next time....

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